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Who We Are

Customized Corporate Wellness Program backed by science

Dragonfly Program is a start-up that offers to open a doorway to true communication between employer and employee. We use the UC Berkley's scientifically backed PERK Model to help find sustainable 'Happiness at Work.'

We are a small team of experienced and trained professionals with diverse backgrounds in human resource and business.

All course content will be offered in both English and Urdu to better facilitate learning and remove any barriers that might keep anyone from being truly happy at work, no matter what they do, where they come from and how they do their work.


Vision & Mission

To create people-frist environments that creates harmony and productivity. To encourage kindness, teamwork and creativity through corporate wellness.

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What We Do & How









The Question?

How far would you go to retain an employee who needs more motivation, support and training?

The Big Question



Employee burnout, lack of engagement, motivation, ownership, stress in the workplace, bad work life balance, need for counseling

Value Statement:

Increased Productivity. Better brand image. More Retention. Less employee off-days.


How We Do It:

  • Devise a program that can run for a duration of 3 months to assess and implement interactive surveys, sessions, training and activities that drive employee happiness and wellbeing in the work place. Focus on engagement, collaboration, creativity.

  • Create an App that will check-in with employees to track their wellbeing and provide real-time feedback on each employee’s stats to the employer

Proof Points:

Successful corporate programs are being run in nearly every organization across the globe. Nestle, Dell, Google, Target. Smaller corporations are benefiting more from employee engagement programs like Zappos. Studies can be presented.


Customer Stories:

65% of the female workforce has had to quit their jobs because of Covid-19. Working Parents are struggling every day to find a work life balance. Fear and anxiety had become a state of being. With half the people working remotely, teams are finding it hard to find cohesive solutions to their problems. Productivity is low.

Elevator Pitch

User driver program focused on wellness at work supported by an app that monitors employee wellness so strategies can be adjusted

Elevator Pitch


  • Improved morale

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Troubleshoot collaboration problems

  • Reduced stress in the workplace

  • Retained employees

  • Promoted healthy happy living

  • Promoted Brand Image of Company: Happy@Work

The Launch

How We Do It

Launching in 4 Phases

How We Do It

Phase 01


  • Company-wide wellness Survey

  • Conduct research/ employee interviews

  • Tabulate and analyze collected data

  • Begin development of App

How We Do It

Phase 02


  • Use findings to create a customized solution that applies to real-world problems of that company.

  • Define/customize matrices that will be used to make the app and create a dashboard unique to the demands of the company/employer.

How We Do It

Phase 03


  • Implement measureable activities, training sessions, counselling session.

  • Work with HR to revise employee policies.

How We Do It

Phase 04


  • Assess progress.

  • Revise program.

The Timeline

Mock Timelines

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