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You Are Free

'Rise' by Yuumei on

Like many of us in Pakistan who did not get out on the streets of Islamabad, I personally felt I had very little right to say anything. All my life I've defended my nationality and vehemently opposed anyone who says anything against the sanctity of my country. But I am not ashamed to admit that there were moments since I've been intelligent enough to understand boundaries, perspectives and individual human rights, when I felt nothing could change. I am not ashamed to admit I voted for these leaders and more than that I am not ashamed that I made a choice that I believed was the right one.

But I will admit to being ashamed of believing our people did not have what it took to take to the streets and face those that oppressed them. With all due respect to my friends and colleagues who think the women and children were cattle being lead towards anarchy, I say 'At least they are out there.'

It doesn't matter if this challenges everything we believe in. It doesn't matter if it challenges the status quo. It doesn't matter that change is scary.

I am not afraid to say I am saddened by the death and violence; right or wrong aside. I am not afraid to say I wish I had the means and guts to be there with them. I have always felt I wanted something more the moment I became an adult, a tax payer and a voter. But I have never stood on the street and faced a wall of policemen determined to stop me.

To the people in Islamabad, I only have this to say: You are free.

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