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Writing Prompt: The 3 That Lived in My Head

My mind is a household containing three people:

The 50s Jazz singer

The Navy Sea Captain

The genius gamer


“Did you read the newspaper today?”

The blood red dress cut along one side to wrap around her torso in a fluid weave that followed her curves. The woman’s leg was bare, from mid calf down to the perfect toes painted in bright luminescent red. It swung in answer to the question from where it dangled over the side of the sofa, her red rouged lips smoothing the Swiss chocolate ice-cream from the silver spoon.

The authoritative male voice huffed exasperatedly. “For the love of all that is decent, will you cover yourself up woman and pay attention?”

The leg swung up wantonly, with an athletic grace that belied her obviously crass answer as he caught a peek of black lace over the arm of the sofa chair she was draped over.

The Navy captain dropped into his recliner and put his head in his hands. It was hopeless.

The hussy in the red dress did what she wanted. Always.

“Why do you waste your breath Captain?”

Lifting his sea green eyes the mocha skinned captain took in the lanky young man sprawled in front of the television. The sprinting creatures on the screen flickered off his round spectacles in kaleidoscopic colors as he vibrated in sync with his constantly moving fingers.

The Captain snorted and crossed his arms grumpily. “Because I am stuck with you and you people never listen to me. She is either singing that incessant jazz, practicing the concept of artful nudity or indulging in carnal acts that I would rather not be happening in this house! She is useless!”

The younger man snickered, his eyes not leaving his game once as he battled the dark lord of the underworld while seamlessly continuing the conversation with his beloved Captain. “So are you dude. All you do is bitch at us anyway.”

“How dare you! If it were not for me, there would be no order in this house at all! And haven’t you been playing for 16 hours straight? What about your eyes! We do have chores to do you know. You’ve been neglecting them all!”

“Pfffft. I know my time old man. You should worry about yours.”

“You are lazy, lackadaisical, completely irresponsible…”

“And much happier than you my dear sweet Captain,” a soft silky voice purred from across the room and the two men turned to her.

Even the avid gamer paused his game and watched the lithe beautiful woman come out of the seat. The tall leggy brunette tossed her glossy mahogany curls over one shoulder and regarded them through sooty caramel eyes. One hand on her hip, she smirked at the two men as she began to hum. “Won’t you stop and take,” she winked at the Captain and his mouth dropped open. “A little time out with me?” She crooned in a husky sensual voice and blew the gamer a kiss. He grinned. “Just take five.”

The Captain came out of his seat, seething and more than a little hot under the collar as usual while the gamer began to make cat calls. “Enough! Don’t you make those eyes at me missy!”

The gamer sighed as the mood was broken and went back to defeating the dark lord. “Die, die, die!”

“Take a breath mack, you’ll kill yourself.” The Jazz singer rolled her eyes and walked towards the kitchen. “I swear if it wasn’t for me, you boys would have no fun at all.”

“We have a schedule you to maintain! You will conform!”

“Can you both please go do this in the kitchen, you’re breaking my concentration and I’m trying to figure out what’s the best statistical possibility to obtain my 100% completion for this level?”

The jazz singer leaned against the doorway to the kitchen and planted one black sandaled foot on the edge as she slid her hands up across her belly. “Come play a game with me baby.”

The speckled young man regarded her from over the rim of his glasses, his game paused once again. “In the middle of my Tales of the Dark Lord Trilogy marathon? Pfffft!” He snorted and shook his head. “I have the IQ of above 200. I do not let your loveliness sway me until I’m good and ready woman.”

Scowling, the beautiful brunette shoved herself away from the doorway and stalked into the kitchen grumbling about idiot genius boys with gadgets on the brain.

The Captain fell back into his chair and moaned balefully. “We’re missing our deadlines.”


And so in continues...

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