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Generative AI: Friend or Foe of Digital Content Creators

Generative AI for Digital Content Creators
Generative AI for Digital Content Creators

So, who hasn’t heard of generative AI? There shouldn’t be a big show of hands here if you are a Digital content creator like me. Everyone’s either raving about ChatGPT, or they are naysaying possible doomsday for those who write, paint, or create in general. It’s capable of creating art, writing stories, and even composing music, all without human intervention. And I know that gives many of us heebie-jeebies. I mean, then, who is going to hire us? Who will provide us with jobs? Who will pay for something AI can do for free in like seconds?

But here’s the twist: while it’s amazing, someone must harness this beast and create content that doesn’t break every copyright law on the internet because generative AI is earning from us. From our writing and art and music!

I picked up on this tech when creating content on a schedule. I’ve been writing for more than 20 years professionally. I’ve been painting and designing for more than ten years. I’ve got years more of work ahead of me. I don’t want to stop creating! So, how do I fight this battle against a bot that can write an article of 1200 words in less than 10 seconds?

Here's how.

Where Generative AI Works: It’s Scary Magic

Generative AI is already part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. It’s been working behind the scenes for years. It’s in our customer service chats, in Google searches, in how YouTube knows precisely what ads to show, and how Netflix knows how to tell you more about those K-dramas you can’t seem to shake. Think Siri or Alexa or even Google! It’s all generative AI integration. So, for those who need some intro, a quick understanding of that technology is in order. It’s not just content creators using it. Gen AI is helping doctors analyze medical images, and scientists make sense of massive datasets. On social media, it suggests friend tags and filters out offensive content. For programming, AI can write complete code to create apps and games. But its creation process isn’t perfect. Generative AI is built on data. It scours the internet before providing us with the information it needs. Most of it is written by content creators like us. Someone has to keep building more data. That’s us. We can create things out of thin air. True inspiration creates unique content that can be inspiring. AI hasn’t learned to feel or to invoke feeling. Not yet, anyway.

Yeah, AI-generated paintings and music are making waves. Based on Prompts, it can whip up a tune or a masterpiece in seconds. In content creation, generative AI can draft articles, generate marketing copy, or create realistic 3D models. So, where do we come in?

We harness it. We collaborate with it. We integrate it into our work process. Do we lose something of ourselves in doing so? I’ll leave that debate to you. So, what are the most common fears about Gen AI?

Why Generative AI is Scary

Now, let’s talk about the elephant or elephants in the room. Many content creators are sweating bullets over generative AI. Why? Because they fear it could steal their creative thunder. They’re worried these digital wizards might replace human writers, artists, and designers. Replace. Shudder. That word can still sing the Terminator theme song in my head sometimes. Or the green code from The Matrix.

Writers, for instance, fret that AI might churn out novels faster than you can say “bestseller.” Artists worry that AI could replicate their style, diluting the value of their work. Content creators, in general, are concerned that their livelihoods might be at stake as businesses turn to AI for content generation.

I’m here to give you another perspective. A perspective I began to see as I waded through the sea of Gen AI information and then dived into its bowels to use it finally. (Yeah, it felt just as dramatic as it sounds.)

Laying Some Fears to Rest

Here’s what I think: Generative AI isn’t here to replace you; it’s here to aid your creativity. Think of it as a supercharged tool in your creative toolbox. It can help automate mundane tasks, leaving you more time for the juicy, imaginative stuff. It is meant to augment our own intelligence, not dumb us down.

To soothe any fears, you must dive right in and find out exactly how it ticks. I don’t like being afraid. Understanding how generative AI works and how to collaborate with it gave me peace of mind. I learned to use AI to generate ideas, automate repetitive tasks, or as a source of inspiration. I know it’s building on human work. So, it is the same as going online and googling how Stephen King writes. I’m just telling my assistant to summarize its research. And that’s how it became less scary.

Gen AI became a tool. Like Google and spell check and grammar check. And I found myself making content faster and smoother than ever before. The brain was all me. It still is. I use Gen AI to free my mind for creating ideas for being the spark of genuineness in a world of information technology acceptance.

Gen AI cannot replicate your unique perspective, storytelling voice, or artistic vision. Your creativity is irreplaceable. It is the reason humans will never be out of the AI loop. We’ll just have to be smarter.

Where’s Generative AI Taking Us

The future is looking pretty wild. Generative AI will likely become even more integrated into our lives. We’ll see AI-generated personalized education, immersive virtual worlds, and content tailored precisely to your tastes.

But don’t worry; the human touch will always be in demand. People will still yearn for stories that touch their hearts, art that makes them think, and content that resonates with their experiences. AI may be a helpful assistant, but it won’t become the star of the show.

In essence, generative AI is like the wind beneath the creative wings of content creators. It can help them soar to new heights, leaving the mundane tasks behind. So, put those fears to rest. Make Generative AI work for you, and let’s see where this digital journey takes us!

If you’re interested in how I use Gen AI in my work, watch my website's ‘News’ section for updates!

Play more every day!

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